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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

LittleBigPlanet PS3 Servers Offline, ZX Spectrum Memories

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - September 19, 2021

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 will be online only again in January. The Georgia Indies Bundle on celebrates many great indie games made in Georgia for $10. Sony has announced that the PS3 and Vita servers for LittleBigPlanet will not be returning after being shut down several months ago due to a DDoS attack. We pay respects to Sir Clive Sinclair, the inventor of the ZX Spectrum. Then we talk to Rob about No Man's Sky and the ZX Spectrum.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Dragon Con 2021 Recap, Epic v. Apple Result

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - September 12, 2021

Dragon Con has taken place, and we talk all about how it was weird, but good. We do spend a lot of time talking about the pandemic and how it did - and didn't - affect Dragon Con, and you might be surprised about some of what is said...Especially if you read a lot of social media. I showed off some LED masks during the segment - there is a Twitch Clip of this available without subscribing, but they are by a company called Neon Culture, and are Arduino LED boards that are fit into masks and other apparel like hats and backpacks. The CEO of Tripwire Interactive has stepped down from that position after making a tweet on behalf of his company about politics - and I talk about why this entire event was worrisome for prospective new game developers in Georgia. The judge in the Epic v. Apple trial has rendered judgment - and if you wanted both sides to lose, well, you got your wish. Then we talk to Rob about Dragon Con, No Man's Sky's new expedition, and that tweet he made while visiting my house.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Refund Abuse Forces Indie Game Dev Out Of Industry

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 29, 2021

I will be at Dragon Con speaking on five panels! One of which will be streamed on Twitch at the DCDigitalMedia channel. Check out my schedule on social media! I made a TikTok! The first one shows my arcade. You can view it without being a TikTok subscriber, but if you are, follow me at BobbyBlackwolf. Apple has loosened some of their requirements for app store developers in regards to other methods of payment as a proposed settlement to a 2019 class action lawsuit. The indie game developer of Summer of '58 announced that his next game is on hiatus due to the amount of alleged refund abuse on Steam - his game can be completed in 90 minutes so many people are able to get their money back after completion. Then we talk to chat about Gamescom reveals, as well as to Rob about Dragon Con - until the connection craps out. We will be back in two weeks!

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

#SFGE2021 Recap, Boyfriend Dungeon Impressions

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 22, 2021

The Southern-Fried Gaming expo was this past weekend - and it was my first in-person convention in two years. My feet are tired, but it was an enjoyable time. There's a lot of video in this segment, which you can see by subscribing to our Twitch channel and watching the VOD - but I try to describe everything. Before SFGE, I had played through Boyfriend Dungeon - which is a rogue-lite and dating sim. There's a controversy over the villain being portrayed too on the nose and for people who want to play the game without him, but that's like asking to play Final Fantasy VII without Sephiroth... Then we talk to Rob about Dragon Con in two weeks!

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Senate Bill To Force App Stores To Allow Sideloading

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - August 15, 2021

The Southern-Fried Gaming Expo is August 20-22 in Atlanta, and will be masks required with an additional ballroom allocated for vaccinated people only which is masks optional. Games Done Quick is currently hosting Flame Fatales, an all woman-presenting speedrunning marathon benefiting The Malala Fund. I won a Newegg Product Shuffle! It's only an RTX 3060 Ti and not an RTX 3080 like I wanted, but I'll take it for now. The Intellivision Amico was delayed but all preorders were offered a gift...that many of us might have already had. A bipartisan bill in the US Senate would force mobile phone makers to allow for competing app stores and sideloading, pleasing Epic Games and Spotify. Then we talk about Dragon Con as well as me being a master at repairing pinball.


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