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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Epic Games v. Apple Begins, Activison Reassigns Studios

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - May 2, 2021

Epic Games v. Apple began the day after the recording of this episode, so we talk about what we hope for and, spoiler alert for the next episode, we got a WHOLE LOT more than we had imagined... We did learn before the trial started that Microsoft was going to lower their percentage for Xbox games, but have since backed away from that proposal. Activision has reassigned most of its studios to work on Call of Duty: Warzone rather than the IP's that made them famous. Then we take a call about New Pokemon Snap as well as previewing the Epic Games v. Apple legal fight.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Humble Bundle Not So Humble No Mo', Jeff Kaplan's Departure

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - April 25, 2021

We take some viewer comments on previous episodes and talk about when movies have been "patched" after going to theaters (it doesn't happen as often, though...) as well as discuss why Capcom is remaking Resident Evil 4 for Oculus Quest 2 rather than making a new spinoff game in the franchise. Jeff Kaplan, creative director for Overwatch, is leaving Blizzard after 19 years. However, this is a trend that is going on across the entire tech industry in early 2021 and is not necessarily specifically related to just Blizzard. Sony has announced that the PS3 and Vita stores are NOT going offline after all. Humble Bundle, the digital game storefront that allowed you to donate lots of money to charity, is now no longer allowing you to donate lots of money to charity and keeping more of your money for itself, making it not so humble anymore. Then we talk to Rob about his thoughts on job changes in the tech industry.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Oculus Air Link, Days Gone Producer Blames Consumers

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - April 18, 2021

We start off with a viewer comment about E3 going digital and reiterating the importance of networking when in the technology industry, and how a digital E3 eliminates one of the main avenues that the industry used for networking. Oculus has announced Oculus Air Link, a new way for the Oculus Quest 2 to play PC VR titles wirelessly - as long as you have a great wifi connection to a wired PC. The Creative Designer of Days Gone blamed consumers for the lack of a Days Gone sequel, stating that many of them didn't buy the game at full price and waited for it to go on sale or show up on PlayStation Plus, and that's why there's no sequel. Then we talk to OLR about consumer trust of AAA developers and publishers and why that can affect week one sales.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

E3 Goes Virtual, Atari Restructures Into Two Divisions

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - April 11, 2021

We talk a little bit more about Niantic's AR Headset tease from last week, and why it may or may not have the same fate as Google Glass. Atari is restructuring into two divisions - Atari Gaming and Atari Blockchain, complete with NFT's. E3 is returning as an all-virtual event this year, and some people are wondering why they will ever bother going back to a physical event. Then we talk to OLR about the No Man's Sky Expedition Update.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Niantic Teases AR Headset, PlayStation Studios Game On Xbox Game Pass

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - April 4, 2021

This was the podcast of me getting corrected, as I was corrected on VR companies, HDMI vs DisplayPort, and USB2 vs USB3. Please accept my humble apologies and Price is Right fail horns. We do get some interesting insider info about the software architecture of PlayStations vs. Xbox. Summer Games Done Quick 2021 will once again, and hopefully for the last time, be a virtual event the week of July 4th. Here's hoping I'll make the cut to host again! Microsoft has announced that the Sony developed (but MLB published) MLB The Show 21 will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one of its release - but it does not mean any other PlayStation exclusives are following suit. Niantic has teased an AR headset - does this mean that they might have figured out how to make AR headsets viable outside of the industrial or medical sector? Then we talk to OLR about No Man's Sky's Expeditions Update.


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