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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Pokemon Go, NES Classic

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 17, 2016

Since our last broadcast, the Summer Games Done Quick marathon ended (including my donation) and EVO has started up and was broadcast on ESPN2 later that evening. I try to start a rumor that the Nintendo NX was really just a mini NES all along, but nobody bought it. The NES Classic Edition will be out in November with 30 games. Pokemon Go is out and has been a bigger cultural sensation than anybody realizes - and even though the mainstream media has been negative, it has been an overall net positive for civilization. Then we take calls about the Gear VR, FandomFest (where I'll be in two weeks!), and Pokemon Go.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Gaming Streams Going Mainstream, We Stopped Funding Games

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - July 3, 2016

There is no show on July 10th, but July 24th is the 11th anniversary of this little podcast! I'm hoping to participate in a Game Jam this month that is inspired by a Famicom cartridge case...Maybe you can provide the cover by July 15th? Summer Games Done Quick just started when we recorded, and it got the Colbert Bump. ESPN2 will be airing the Street Fighter V finals at EVO on July 17th. We stopped funding large scale Kickstarters, probably because we've been jilted enough times. Fig is having some issues getting money from unaccredited investors. Then we take calls about American Truck Simulator, the Steam Sale, and gaming speedruns.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Indie Devs vs. Game Code Resellers, AAA Social Media Team vs. Former AAA Devs

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - June 26, 2016

What did you get in the Steam Sale? I picked up some things, but also picked up Pac-Man 256 for PS4. Mighty No. 9 was released this week to a less than stellar reception, including from the Twitter account of an AAA franchise, jabbing at the developers with a possibly mistranslated quote from a livestream. A Russian game code reseller has come under fire by an indie developer for selling stolen codes that were acquired due to credit card theft. Oculus has removed the hardware check from their DRM so HTC Vive users can play games sold on Oculus Home.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

E3 2016 Wrapup

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - June 19, 2016

E3 2016 has happened, and once again, gamers won. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the most talked about game of the show that most people didn't get to play. There's a new Xbox One coming out next year, and there's a new Xbox Anywhere out today. What about people who still buy games on disc? Bethesda announced they were doing VR, and said they were making their games for the HTC Vive, which upset new Oculus fans who don't realize there's an ongoing lawsuit. There's no mention of PlayStation VR needing a new PS4, contrary to what everyone that's not Sony is telling me. Sony's press conference made me cry. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the Blizzardification of Artemis Bridge Simulator, and that's awesome. Then we take calls about Rhythm Heaven Megamix, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Resident Evil VII.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Southern Fried Gameroom Expo Recap, Pre-E3 Talk

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - June 12, 2016

In this short show due to technical difficulties on the eve of E3, I spend most of my time talking about the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo in Atlanta. The arcade and pinball tables that were there, the panels that I hosted, and the interviews that I wanted to get but couldn't...Yet. Then we talk about some E3 stuff, such as the EA press conference that had already occurred, and then what might occur later, including more information about the next wave of LEGO Dimensions Physical DLC. Then, during a delayed OLR call, we talk about the sordid details of the Coleco Chameleon.


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