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The Bobby Blackwolf Show

GameSpy Shutdown, Amazon Fire TV

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - April 6, 2014

Glu has announced that they are shutting down GameSpy's multiplayer servers at the end of May, which affects many older multiplayer games. Some focus group somewhere told Amazon that another Android gaming console was a splendid idea, so we have the Amazon Fire TV. An "eBay for Gamers" has been reported to ripping off indie publishers by buying charity bundles for the lowest price and then selling the Steam keys for massive profit. Then we take calls about the good old days of online multiplayer.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Interview with Paul Boyer about Galactic Civilizations III...And then, "The Day The Dream Died"

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - March 30, 2014

BIG NEWS! The FOUDNER'S ALPHA of Galactic Civilization III has launched, and to celebrate, Lead Designer Paul Boyer is with us LIVE to talk all things Galactic Civilizations. And then, a dramatic reading of "The Day The Dream Died" by Bobby Blackwolf. (Begins at timecode 39:20)

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

GDC Wrapup - Project Morpheus, Unreal Engine 4

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - March 23, 2014

The Game Developers Conference just ended, and this was recorded the Sunday night immediately following - which means it includes NOTHING about what happened the following Tuesday. Sony announced Project Morpheus, a Virtual Reality headset exclusive to the PlayStation 4 utilizing technology from PlayStation Move. Oculus announced, and began taking preorders, for their second Developer Kit, featuring many improvements over the original. Epic announced that Unreal Engine 4 would become extremely affordable to any game developer, from the AAA studios to even the enthusiast who is curious. Unity 5 was also announced that bring a lot of features to bring AAA-style quality to indie projects. Then we take calls about how these engines are now taking a very indie-friendly route.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Tempering GDC Expectations, Games With Gold Revamp

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - March 16, 2014

The Game Developers Conference is this week, and I spend time reminding that the intended audience is Game DEVELOPERS, and not Game CONSUMERS. Some stories of GDC's past where consumers got upset, or citizen journalists ruined it for everyone. Microsoft has stated that the Games With Gold program will become more in line with consumers expectations, with veiled references to PlayStation Plus. Then we take calls about safe spaces for game developers and what GDC should and shouldn't be.

The Bobby Blackwolf Show

Jack Tretton's Exit, The Evil G Raises Prices

The Bobby Blackwolf Show - March 9, 2014

Three Oculus Rift projects were announced or reached milestones - the first ever "late night talk show" ever done in VR called Riftmax Live, Classroom Aquatic squeaked by its Kickstarter goal, and the creator of VRJam winner Ciess announced his Oculus Rift Launch Title Darknet. Jack Tretton steps down as the head of Sony Computer Entertainment America, and we look back at what he will be known for outside of the company. One US retailer has the PlayStation 4 camera in stock, and they jacked the price above the suggested one. Then, we have a chat session (nobody called in) about if people should expect reimbursement if prices drop on products several months after they are launched, and how much room Titanfall will take up on your PC hard drive.


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